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Quilt Adjacent: 5 Ways I Hope to Help You

Life is tough, and stress is real! I know, it seems to be kind of a negative way to begin a blog post. Maybe this is why I am a real sew ‘n’ sew, but I am here to help. You need to find a way to relax and care for yourself. Only then can you be your best for others. This blog exists to inspire you creatively. I also hope to teach you how to accomplish your quilty (yes…that is a word) goals. Lastly, we will create a community of like-minded folks to encourage you along the way! So how can I help you?

1. Quilt Making

Whether this is your 1st or 101st quilt, I want to help you make quilts. I will get you started with inspiration and guidance. My honest assessment of which tools and supplies are really necessary will save you time and money. Get plenty of tips to improve your quilt making experience.

2. Do It Yourself Fabric

Learn how to create your very own fabrics for quilts and any thing else you make. Starting with some basic supplies, you can become a Do It Yourself (D.I.Y) fabric designer. Never worry about whether a global pandemic will keep you from having just the right fabric. You don’t need a large space to store an extensive stash. Of course, if you have the large space and extensive stash, no judgement. I don’t want to be a judgey (yep it’s a word) sew and sew. When you become a D.I.Y. fabric designer, the perfect fabric is ready on demand.   

3. Quilt Studio Organization

Whether you quilt in a giant barn, a spare room, a closet, or a corner, this is your studio. It is your little (or not so little) place in the world to care for yourself and foster your creativity. Together we will figure out how to create the kind of space that will energize you. After all, it takes some space to become your best quilty self.

4. Quilt Adjacent

Sometimes it is fun to explore other creative pursuits that are related to quilt making without actually creating a quilt. Perhaps you need a quick gift, or you want a one of a kind accessory or bag. Maybe your dream home could be described as quilt chic. Be inspired and improve your quilting skills along the way, as we explore all things quilt adjacent.

5. Community

One of the best parts of quilting is having a community of creative friends. I will help you discover your quilt tribe through interactive online groups, classes, challenges, and events. Join me for ideas and information to plan in person meet ups. Let’s make Quilt Adjacent a great place to be with friends.

Now, more than ever before, it is important to care for yourself. This isn’t selfish, but necessary. You have to put on your own oxygen mask before you can begin to help others. So snuggle up with a nice soft quilt in your favorite chair and get Quilt Adjacent with me!

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